Are you prone to hit the snooze button in the morning?  Do you regularly skip breakfast?   What about making time for breakfast the night before with this simple yummy recipe?  Eating breakfast aids in just about every function our body’s need.  People who eat breakfast tend to accomplish more of their daily tasks.  Tell us how your overnight oats turned out.  #coldbreakfast

-K. Delgado, MS, RD, CD, ACSM-CPT

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SuperFryeGuy – Great Advocate for Kids

Did you know we have our own Super Hero in Avon?  Well, we do.  His name is SuperFryeGuy and he is a powerful advocate for kids and against bullying.

Several years ago, Hal Frye, who founded Frye Electric in 1975, created the character and has been making appearances around kids to highlight the problem of bullying. He goes to local fairs and other public events in costume, as well as promoting talks in schools by Olivia Rusk who wrote a book entitled “Just Your Average Teenager, Who Happens to be Bald.”  Her public speaking focuses on anti-bullying and teen suicide prevention.

Fry Electric also has a free SuperSidekicks Club for kids to get them to help him in his mission of ending bullying.   Those who sign up will receive a free membership kit with some handy items, like a backpack, and a monthly newsletter. Every newsletter includes positive articles about family relationships and community service, fun articles about cooking, crafts or jokes, and some helpful information related to bullying.  The intent of the newsletter is for a parent or grandparent to receive the newsletter and to discuss the articles with their children, and then maybe to do some of the family activities shown.

The team at Frye Electric provides a valuable service to our community with their business, and another valuable service with their child advocacy.  If you’d like to get SuperFryeGuy to come to your event, you can contact Michelle Taylor ( for more information. Click this link to learn more or to join the SuperSidekicks Club.

Isn’t it great having our own Super Hero? I feel safer already!